Pleasure Products 101: Bullets

A Bullet is traditionally defined as “A compact vibrating massager with endless uses: Clitoral stimulation; Between your bodies while being close; Stimulate the penis; Nipple stimulation, etc.”

These mini wonders are designed to be as compact as possible, and work wonderfully for solo use or with a partner. But don’t let their micro size fool you, these little massagers get the job done!

They are available with a battery pack that’s attached with a cord, or as cordless models. Both are equally great, it really just depends on which style suits your comfort level and whichever you like best.

My top picks in this category are:

Soft Touch Wireless Bullet


This is a cordless version that is simple to use and easy to travel with. It’s got 3 speeds of vibration, plus a pulse function, comes in a nice variety of sexy colors, and features a velvety soft coating that’s pleasing to the touch.

 Glacé Dancer


The Dancer is larger than most items in this category, and to me that makes it a little easier to handle. The vibration is deep and rumble-y (think thunder rather than lightning) which I personally find more stimulating. If you rest the Dancer in the palm of your hand then turn it on, you’ll see how it got it’s name!

Plus, the extra jazzy controller lights up which just adds a little more pizazz.

Perfect Touch Submersible Bullet


As far as I know, this is the only bullet on the market that is completely submersible under water – cord, battery pack, and bullet!

This one features a powerful motor, a variable speed control wheel, and a glamorous luster finish. A total winner in my book.

See more by visiting, and stay tuned for the next Products 101.

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