Pleasure Products 101: Vibrators – Traditional Straights

A Vibrator/ Massager is defined as “A device that creates stimulating vibrations. May be applied anywhere to the body but usually used for external or internal stimulation. Motors are powered by batteries, recharging (like your phone) or via plug-in power.”

“Vibrator” is usually a catch-all term that covers any pleasure product with a motor, but today we are talking about what everyone thinks of when they hear that term: The Straight Vibe, which is the traditional, straight up-and-down cylindrical shaped toy.

Straights are available in all sorts of materials, from hard plastic to a soft jelly to everyone’s favorite these days, silicone.

ABS plastic is my personal preference, as you can use any type of lube, and because it seems the vibrations transmit better.

Jelly is nice because it’s usually inexpensive, the softness has some give to it, and it quickly warms to your body temperature. The modern version of Jelly is body-safe because most manufacturers have taken the dreaded Phthalates out of this the manufacturing process, so it’s ok to like it again 😉

Silicone is well known as being top-of-the-line when it comes to vibe construction. I think it’s great because the denseness of the material helps the vibrations come through nicely, yet it’s soft and silky to the touch.

My top picks for Straights all feature a little extra Oomph. Surprisingly, while I generally prefer anything rechargeable (if you’ve ever stolen batteries from your TV remote, you get what I’m sayin’) these all use regular batteries:



I love Seduction’s extra curvy shape, and her super shiny finish. So stylish! She’s got 8 different styles of vibration, so you can easily choose the one (or two, or whatever!) that pleases you the most.

Spiral Sensations


The jelly used in this sassy vibe has a nice, almost glass look to it. And look at all those ridges! If you like a lot of texture, this is a great, value-priced pick.

Silicone Tsunami

SYN2500206 - Bulk

Tsunami has a nice, long shaft, so she’s easy to use. I like her slight curves a whole lot! As far as I can tell, this has the most functions – ten! – of any other silicone vibe. Plus, Tsunami isn’t just waterproof, she’s completely submersible, so you can use her in the tub if you want!

See more by visiting, and stay tuned for the next Pleasure Products 101.

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