An Ode To Gigi (a love story)

You can get your very own Gigi at 🙂

The Dilly Slinger


Oh, Gigi, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. Your sexy sueded silicone shell is so delightful to touch.


2. The way you fit so comfortably in my hand.


3. Your delicious curvy shape.


4. The way your flattened tip provides full-contact to my special spots.


5. Your simple-to-use controls.


6. Your rainbow of colors.


7. How easy you are to travel with. You come with your own satin bag, and your controller has a travel lock (so no accidental and potentially embarrassing buzzing in transit!)


8. Your perfectly petite and discrete size.


9. The way the settings for your powerful vibrations let me slowly build up the intensity, or explore the 8 different options.


10. Your versatility. You are really two pleasure objects in one because you can be used for external or internal stimulation.


11. That you are rechargeable, so I never have to…

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