Set the Scene for Romance!

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The Dilly Slinger


You don’t have to go out to have a romantic evening. Here, let me set the scene for you:

Start the night off with a delicious aphrodisiac-spiked home-cooked meal. The table is set with the Good Dishes – this is a special occasion after all! – and fresh flowers, and you dine by candlelight with your favorite romantic music playing softly in the background.

Next, follow a path of rose petals to the bathroom, where a luxurious bath has been prepared. Instead of water, the tub is filled with a sumptuous gel that delights the senses with its texture, color, and fragrance.

After you are relaxed from that amazing bathing experience, follow more petals to the bedroom, where the sheets have been softened and scented with a delicate pheromone-infused powdery mist. Ask your partner to lay down so you can treat them to a decadent massage, but rather than the expected…

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