Progress and Changes Are FUN


I’m having the best time adding items and building up the categories on my website. I recently debuted a new format, and it’s inspired me to go on the hunt for interesting lotions & potions & things that go buzz in the night.

Working category-by-category, I’ve been on the hunt for items that fit together, but are different enough from each other that customers can have a VERY nice variety to choose from without seeing any duplications.

In fact, I’m finding so many unique products that I will have to up my self-imposed limit in any subcategory from 15 to 24. I went with 24 because, with 12 items per page, this gives a shopper 2 nice, lush pages maximum to look at, so it still isn’t too overwhelming.

Because of all these additions, I added a “NEW” category. When you visit the site, make that your first stop so you can see the 24 most recent additions.

When you get a chance, stop by to check on my progress. You’ll be glad you did 😉

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