Introducing the Limited Edition Our Room Collection


The Limited Edition Our Room Collection is built around a selection of core, limited-run versions of System JO products which increase touch, taste, and sensation. The signature Pink Champagne flavored lubricant offers a refined taste to your next intimate moment.  System JO has further improved the entire experience by selecting the perfect accessories to create a deeper experience.

The essence of Our Room is to educate and enhance each person’s understanding of what pleasure is, and how to increase the presence and depth of each experience.  Our Room is a place to break free of the normal, expected routine in order to embrace the surprise of something new, while remaining open to creativity in every form.  To put it crudely, without pain one cannot truly know or appreciate the depth of pleasure.  This is not to say that through pain comes pleasure, this is to say that variety is the spice of life, and many people enjoy the lingering bite of a little heat.

Our Room is designed for you to explore the idea of sensation play, body-worship, and basic role play/fantasy play.  Step out of your role as mother/father or wife/husband and find your role as an object of pure desire.  Learn the joys of submitting to your lover’s demands, and feel the power of your voice as you command your lover to fulfill your deepest longings. This alone is a powerful exercise that can help you to be more assertive in life as well as in love. You may find yourself being more aware of your partner’s feelings or acknowledging a deeper sensation of trust between you both.  Remember, there is no such thing as too much fun!

The most important foundation within any relationship is open, honest communication; without it we would be left making educated guesses as to how someone feels and what they truly desire.  The lover’s contract that is built into the Tempt Me, Bind Me, and Serve Me kits offer a great way to share a deeper side of yourself without fear of judgment, and within an agreed upon structure.

Bring your relationship to new heights with the Our Room collection by JO and check back later for more tips, tricks, and helpful additions to take your bed-room repertoire to a whole new level!

See and shop for the full collection HERE

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