Tasty Body Treats For Valentine’s Day (Or any time!)


Adding a little flavor to your foreplay really makes things fun, and adds a special touch to those times when you are being close with your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to try out some of my favorites, as seen in the Yummy section of our Valentine’s Gift Boutique.


Be My Monet Kissable Body Paint

Be My Monet Kissable Body Paint by DONA

Create an erotic masterpiece with DONA Kissable Body Paint. Let the tempting blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones and three decadent flavors inspire your passion.


Kissable Massage Cream

Kissable Massage Cream

This luxurious cream will leave the skin feeling soft and tasting delicious!

Caress your partner with this delectable massage cream. Get close to your lover with this tasty treat and feel the softness of their skin against yours. Let the sexual tension rise and bring erotism to a peak!




This tasty oral pleasure cream brings a whole new level of excitement when it comes to intimate play!

This amazing cream not only tickles the throat, but also has a smooth, cooling rich taste and aroma, which provides both partners a euphoric experience that will leave you both hungry for more! Massage it in, lick it off and feel your Erogenous Zones come alive!


AQUA Flavors

AQUA Flavors by Wicked

Kissable, Lickable and Delicious, AQUA Flavors add subtle taste to enhance oral pleasures. Light & silky, this water based formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant and a flavor sensation.

Happy Shopping!

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