Appointment Sex


Sometimes I see folks complaining about “Appointment Sex” or scheduled sex with their partner. They feel like it’s not spontaneous, and therefore not romantic.

I totally have to disagree.

Mr. Treats is an older gentleman who uses a little, um, chemical performance assistance, just like SO many men nowadays do. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but it’s a little known fact that you can’t really have any fatty foods or really much food in your system at all in order for these little blue or orange pills to work correctly.

So, in order for our alone time  – we call it “Date Night,” said in initial caps lol – to be of the best quality, it takes some planning ahead. Because he has to watch what he eats in order for the pills work their intended magic, we have a set schedule for our Date Nights.

Let me tell you, this anticipation is a form of foreplay. We get extra flirty with each other a few days in advance, and the double entendres start flowing the morning of our Date. It’s so much fun!

Because of busy spring and summer activities, we recently changed things to an afternoon Date. That made things even more fun, because not only do we get to enjoy each other without a time limit, but we get a chance to enjoy a meal together afterward without worrying about anything or any restrictions.

Anyway, I gotta go – It’s Date Night 😉




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