About Body Candy

When I first got the idea to start my own pleasure product website – BodyCandyRomanticTreats.com – I took a look around the interwebs to see what was already out there. As you can imagine, there are TONS of online options available, so I took my time and looked at a LOT of different sites.

I quickly noticed that the prevailing theme was More is Better, and found many companies boasting “Thousands” or even “Tens of Thousands” of products. And once I viewed the product selections, there were so many similar items that I actually wondered out loud, “How does anyone choose what to get?” To me, it was completely overwhelming, and I’m sort of known as a “product savant”, so I could only imagine how shoppers must feel! I figured that online pleasure product shoppers must either be A.) Much savvier than I thought, or B.) Seasoned connoisseurs, or C.) Just going by some sort of recommendation, either from a blog or a magazine or something they saw on TV or by a friend.

Since I personally shop based on recommendations, and I trust the ones from friends the most, I decided that would be my approach; I shall hereby be known as your Trusted Friend Who Knows Her Stuff.

That idea really helped me select and organize the Body Candy Treats product line. Rather than offering everything under the sun, I put a self-imposed limit of one page view per category/ subcategory, and made sure each item has its own unique attributes. This gives everyone – from a first-time toy user to the aforementioned connoisseur –  a wide variety to choose from, without being overwhelming. The side effect of this limit is that there is only room for the very best items to be featured, which I’m pretty excited about.

Another thing I noticed was some sites offered the most inexpensive items available, and some stores featured just high-end selections, but there didn’t seem to be anyone with both. But how do these sites know what a shopper’s budget is?

My solution was to cover all price ranges, from economy, to luxury, and everything in between. In any category you can find an option to fit your budget as well as your personal needs.

Then I added my own personal spin on things:

  • Lush item descriptions that are very detailed, coupled with great images, so it’s simple to see what each item is all about.
  • Language that is soft and easy to understand.
  • Products that have been selected for their form, function, beauty (I’m a HUGE fan of pretty things!), ease-of-use, value, and proven excellence in performance.
  • A category breakdown that is detailed enough so you know what each one contains, but simple enough so you can find what you want with ease.

Plus, you can find all the wellness lotions and potions you didn’t know you needed, as well as fantastic bath and body items that help you feel your absolute sexy best.

As a final bonus, a Glossary of Terms is included right on the site, so you can figure out what you want before you even start shopping.

Now, doesn’t all that sound fantastic? See for yourself by visiting http://www.bodycandyromantictreats.com

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