Sliquid Natural Swirl Lubricants

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Flavored lubricants are great for enhancing an already spicy situation. They’re great for reducing friction, making things slippery and wet, and making things taste good. However, many flavored lubricants in the market are made with glycerin which for some, can cause irritation to the lady bits. So today, we are going to talk about a glycerin-free alternative that everyone can enjoy.


  • Water based and water-soluble
  • Sugar & sugar derivative free
  • 100% Vegan friendly
  • Lightly flavored to enhance taste
  • Glycerin free and paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Non-staining and lightly scented
  • Uniquely blended to enhance your body’s own natural lubrication
  • pH balanced neutral


Purified water, Plant cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Flavoring, Aspartame, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Tiffy’s Take

Sliquid Natural Swirls are water-based flavored lubricants made by Sliquid. They are a natural alternative to flavored lubricants made with glycerin. Great for those who are sensitive to ingredient or want to avoid it altogether. No matter which size you pick up, available in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottles, all come with a push cap top, which makes application easier and less messy. And because they are available in 2oz bottles, you can take them with you even when your jet setting locally, across the country, or across the world, you can pack this into your carry-on, purse, or your back pocket.

The consistency of the Sliquid Natural Swirl lubricants are slightly viscous and doesn’t immediately run as soon as it leaves the bottle. Which is great for applying to a specific spot without having to worry about it getting everywhere but does spread nicely in case you want to get down and dirty! The Sliquid Natural Swirl lubricants doubles as a 2-in-1 as it can also be used for all types of sex, are compatible with all types of condoms, and can be used with all types of sex toys materials. So if you’re someone who doesn’t care for traveling with or using multiple lubricants, this can save you space and maybe some money as well. I personally think it’s important to have a good lube for partnered sex that everyone can enjoy.

Some ways you can use flavored lubricant are as follows: Blindfold your partner, apply some lube to their erogenous zones and lick it of slowly. This can build arousal and makes foreplay a little more interesting. You can apply some to your tongue and write letters that spell out a work somewhere on your partner and have them guess what it says. Another idea is applying a few drops to your genitals and having your partner guess the flavor while going down on you. So hot!

I got to try 4 flavors. Here’s my taste test results:

Blue Raspberry: A bright spritzy berry flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. How do they encapsulate the flavor of a blue raspberry? The world may never know.

Tangerine Peach: This one has a citrusy punch combined with the mellowness of the peach flavor. Yum!

Green Apple Swirl: My personal favorite! Tastes exactly like a granny smith apple.

Strawberry Pomegranate: Bright berry flavor mixed with the slight tartness from the pomegranate.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a mildly sweet glycerin free alternative to flavored lubricant that is 100% vagina-friendly that’s guaranteed to make sexual endeavor’s even more delicious, then I encourage you to give Sliquid Natural Swirl Lubricants a try.

You can purchase the Sliquid Natural Swirl Lubricants here.

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Pheromone Power!


pher·o·mone  /ferəˌmōn/

“A chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species. From Greek pherein ‘convey’ + hormone.”

Pheromones are chemical scent signals your body produces that trigger a social response from others. They help draw people to you, and can even help others perceive you as attractive.

Pheromone-Infused products increase your naturally-occurring pheromone output to maximize your appeal!

Whether they really work or not is always the topic of debate. All I know is that when I wear something with pheromones, I get an extra boost in confidence, feel like I interact with others better, generally feel good about myself, and have a really REALLY great day.

There are tons of styles of pheromone products available, but today we’ll talk about my favorite scented pheromone perfumes and colognes. Because you now know what pheromones do and you most definitely know what perfume / cologne is, I’ll just let you know about the actual fragrances.


Pure Instinct Woman & Pure Instinct Man


For Her

  • Top Notes – Crisp bergamot, fresh lemon, and juicy tangerine.
  • Mid Notes – Jasmine petals and lily of the valley in a rich, unique, and dynamic blend
  • Dry Notes – Sensual musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli envelope rich amber and sweet vanilla to complete the fragrance.

For Him

  • Top Notes – Natural bergamot and Italian lemon blended with Mandarin
  • Mid notes – Crisp Venezuelan geranium, pineapple , mint, rose, crisp apple, and natural cypress.
  • Dry notes – Creamy sandalwood, warm mossy vanilla accord, along with vetiver, ceaderwood, and Tonka Bean


Max Attract (for Him)


Available in 2 Fragrances:

  • Renegade: An edgy, masculine fragrance with attitude! Spice accord of Bergamont blends with Cardamom,  Armoise, Basil, Lavandin, citrus, and Juniper Berry. Dry notes of sensual musk, cedar wood warm woodsy accord, and Sweet Amber.
  • Hypnotic: Top notes of fresh clean bergamot, geranium, California lemon and California orange oil. Mid to dry notes of Cypress marine accord followed by rich cedar wood, with a warm amber vanilla accord.



Simply Sexy (for Her)


Fragrance: A blend of Sungoddess Rose, Marigold, Ginger, Chamomile Oil, Yellow Freesia, White Violet, Lotus Flower, Day Lily, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Musk combine to evoke the timeless essence of falling in love



JO Gravity


For Her

  • Top Notes – Star fruit, Italian Mandarin, Boysenberry
  • Heart Notes – Lotus Flower, Jasmine
  • Base Notes – Vanilla, Caramelized Pear, Musk, Woods

For Him

  • Top Notes – Birchwood, Bergamot, Bitter Orange
  • Heart Notes – Juniper wood, Artemisia, Cardamom
  • Base Notes – Cedar wood, Oak moss, Vetiver


Ready to play?

Did you find yourself enticed by a fragrance mentioned above? No time like the present!

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It’s the little things…


Sometimes the little things are actually the biggest things of all.

Saying “Thank you.”

Leaving love notes.

Smiling when you both get the joke at the same time.

A long chatty drive.

Your shared love of animals.

Singing along to the song on the radio.

A kiss hello.

A kiss good-bye.

Sitting in the backyard at night in shared silence.

Talking on the phone in the car when you are on your way home and your honey is already there.





18 Signs the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship Never Ended

Cosmo just posted this, and I love it and feel like I could have written it so I’m sharing with you all here 🙂


1. The best part of your day, every day, after years and years of being together, is coming home to your significant other. 

2. You cuddle every single night. Cuddling never gets old. Cuddling is the chocolate of couple behaviors.

3. He actually gets excited about watching your TV shows with you. He makes sure he’s home in time for The Bachelor, even if he sits there for the two hours reading his phone and making sassy comments about the whole mess. He tolerates it because he just loves being with you.

 4. Even after all this time, you are convinced he’s the hottest man on the planet. He thinks you’re the most beautiful woman who’s ever walked the earth.

5. You travel together without getting into big, embarrassing, crying-in-the-airport fights. In fact, you actually amuse each other, and have interesting or funny conversations when you’re standing in the airport security line. Because even hell (airports) is bliss when you’re together.

6. He’ll randomly massage your hands or feet, or do whatever physical thing he does that you love, just to make you feel nice out of the blue. 

7. You can tell each other what annoys you about the other and find it amusing rather than rage-inducing. You secretly find each other’s obsessions and idiosyncrasies adorable. His occasional borderline OCD-esque behavior becomes a funny story you can’t resist telling your friends.

8. Date night is still the best night of the week. Because you get uninterrupted, cell phone-free time to stare deeply into each other’s eyes across a table. No, you don’t care how gross it is. Yes, you’re holding hands while you do it.

9. You always give each other a kiss good-bye before you leave. Even if one of you is sleeping, parting wouldn’t feel right without a kiss.

10. You can’t do anything together without touching each other for an extended period of time. If you’re reading together on the couch or in bed, you feel compelled to hold his hand or high-five him or something.

11. Someone in your family or friend group has probably remarked at some point within the past year how touchy-feely you and your partner are. You can’t help it! Romantic magnetism is a force beyond your control.

12. If you’re married, every time you go on vacation together, it feels like your honeymoon all over again. 

13. Dry spells are a concept you don’t understand. When you watch shows likeTogetherness about couples who don’t want to have sex with each other, you can’t imagine life being like that. (See above re: ~*rOmAnTiC MaGnEtiSm*~.)

14. You get excited about doing little things for each other, like cooking dinner or picking up his favorite bagels/takeout/other thing he likes. It makes coming home to each other even better than is usually is.

15. You are delighted when he brings home flowers for you, but not floored by the gesture.He does this from time to time, especially when you’re having a bad day. You never expect it, but you’re not surprised about it.

16. Your friends talk about how cute you two are. And when people who don’t know both of you ask to see pictures, they always comment about how adorable you are as a couple.

17. You still wear the lingerie you got at your bridal shower/bachelorette. 

18. You love Valentine’s Day. It’s like date night squared. ❤

20 Random Things I Like

  1. Seeing an older couple holding hands
  2. Stolen quick kisses
  3. Anything with sparkles or glitter on it
  4. Petting a purring cat
  5. Palm trees
  6. Any kind of body of water – ocean, lake, pond, pool …
  7. Massages, even a quick shoulder rub
  8. Kids who play peek-a-boo with you while you are waiting in line at the store
  9. Hearts in any shape or form, but I like the ones found in nature especially
  10. Pictures of Vintage Hollywood and Hollywood stars
  11. Holidays that have a Season, like Halloween and Christmas
  12. Barbies in fancy outfits
  13. Funky Architecture
  14. Anything made of brick
  15. Citrus scented anything
  16. Berry flavored anything
  17. The way the sun shines through the leaves on a tree
  18. Sunsets on a cloudy day
  19. That look you exchange with someone when you are both thinking the same thing
  20. Frank Sinatra